We are two sisters that feed our families almost completely vegetarian. With 5 children aged 2 to 12 years between the two of us, we have had the joy and pain of experimenting. We plan to Blog 365 simple and kid approved meals. Most will be made-from-scratch but we will also share what we do when eating out. It may take more than 365 days to accomplish this but we hope you'll check back often, try our suggestions and give us your feedback.


Still CRAZY!

So, Amber is here and will be moving in to her new house next week. I am soooo excited to have my sister back in town but we are all still a bit crazy. Next week I promise we will add some yummy stuff but in the mean time, here's a great site for healthy, veggie food. It's also a GREAT site for mommy advice of all kinds :) 



Great ideas for lunch!

Sadly, we are both a bit overwhelmed by life right now. But I wanted to share this great site I just found. They have super neat, garbage-free lunch boxes and a page with ideas for healthy lunches (not all veggie, but most are easily modified). With three school age children, that is a never-ending challenge for me. Have fun and I promise we'll be posting lots very soon!


36. Quiche (Feta, Rosemary, Tomato)

6 eggs
1 small tomato wedged
6 0z feta cheese
1 large sprig rosemary
1 pie crust
1 Tbs honey mustard
all-purpose seasoning

Spread mustard to cover entire crust, use more if needed.  Spread cheese on bottom of crust.
Mix eggs with seasoning mix and rosemary, then pour over cheese.  Place wedges on top and bake pie on 350 for about 40 minutes until golden, or according to frozen pie crus directions.


Just wanted our readers to know that I am in the middle of a move so my entries for the next month will be more sporadic and probably contain more convenient foods.  Thanks for reading!