We are two sisters that feed our families almost completely vegetarian. With 5 children aged 2 to 12 years between the two of us, we have had the joy and pain of experimenting. We plan to Blog 365 simple and kid approved meals. Most will be made-from-scratch but we will also share what we do when eating out. It may take more than 365 days to accomplish this but we hope you'll check back often, try our suggestions and give us your feedback.


65. Apple Sesame Broccoli Slaw Salad

This is my oriental adaptation of my apple salad and I don't put it on any bread. Chop everything into a large bowl, whisk together dressing, pour over salad and stir. Hold the chow-mein noodles until a few minutes before serving so they won't get soggy. I like to eat this by itself for a lunch - if you have any suggestions of what to serve with it I would love to hear it! Makes 2 large or 4 small servings. As always my amounts are eyeballed!

2 diced apples (any kind)
3 sliced celery stalks
1 cup halved green grapes
3-4 sliced green scallion onion
1 small can mandarin oranges
2 cups broccoli slaw (pre-made)
1 cup crunchy chow-mein noodles

sesame dressing:
1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 3 teaspoons sugar, honey, or agave
  • 1 teaspoon sesame oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon dried crushed red pepper
  • 2-3 dashes ginger powder


64. Rice with Peas and Cilantro

Yesterday I had some leftover rice and wanted to use it to make a quick lunch for me and the kids. I added frozen peas, warmed the rice and peas together, chopped cilantro and scallion onion, added soy sauce and mixed it all together. Very fast, easy and yummy!

4 cups cooked Rice
2 cups frozen Peas
2 large Scallion Onions sliced
small handful Cilantro chopped
Soy Sauce (to taste)

This was for lunch and would serve 2 adults. For a family you should multiply.


63. Hummus wraps

A staple in my house in hummus. We just use flat bread or tortillas, spread the hummus and start adding anything that sounds good. Often I think of it as a hand held salad. Here are some filling options.

Fried Tempe
Cheese (my favorite is Feta)
Herbs - any kind
Shredded Carrot, Cabbage, Squash
Red and Green peppers

and anything that will fit. I will often use lemon juice or salad dressing to add flavor. It is a great way to eat up raw veggies and a fast easy on the go lunch. Often times I use leftover cooked veggies or just do hummus alone!

62. Cherry Tomato Pasta

I have made this three times now and every time I have been surprised at how yummy it is. I saw Martha Stewart use cherry tomatoes by sautéing them in oil until they burst and it inspired me!

Pint or two of cherry tomatoes (leave whole)
3-4 Tbs olive oil or butter
2-4 cloves garlic (minced)
red pepper flakes
salt(to taste)
italian spice mix (optional)
Fresh basil leaves (a handful)
juice of one lemon (or 1 tsp Red Wine Vinegar)
fresh parmesan cheese
1 Tbs butter (optional)
Pasta (any variety - cook as usual)

First I warm the olive oil and add garlic. Don't brown it just cook until it becomes fragrant and then add tomatoes. Add (Vinegar if using in place of lemon juice), a couple dashes of red pepper flakes, few dashes of Italian spice mix (don't over season!), and salt to taste. Cover and cook on medium until all tomatoes have burst open. Lightly coat cooked pasta with butter and put sauce over pasta. Sprinkle with lemon juice, fresh basil and parmesan cheese. The more ripe the tomatoes the sweeter the sauce. Amazing! Just serve with a simple spinach salad. If you eat seafood you can add shrimp to the tomatoes while they are cooking and it makes a very satisfying meal. But certainly not necessary. Enjoy!

Note: make sure you use vinegar OR lemon juice not both!


Changes coming (I Hope!)

My upcoming entries are likely to be more sides or meal-parts. I am gravitating toward a more raw-inclusive diet and eating more often and less large meals. I still have a husband to please so his tastes will still be coming as well but I will be changing my style a little. Just so you know.

61. Carrot Salad

I just had a craving and made my own variation. So good I could have eaten it all myself if I didn't have to share with my kids.

4 finely shredded carrots
1/2 cup (or more) dried cranberries
1 green apple diced
3 Tbs mayo
1 Tbs honey
1/2 - 1 Tbs fresh lemon juice

All amounts are flexible. This is what I did and I loved it! If you want to let it sit an hour you could but I couldn't wait!


60. Egg Drop Soup

Today my kids and I are feeling crummy with colds so I wanted something soothing for lunch and this turned out pretty amazing!

4 garlic cloves (sliced or minced)
1 TBS Olive Oil
1 TBS Sesame Oil
32oz - Veggie Broth ( I used bullion cubes)
6 Scallion Onion Sprigs (chopped)
White Pepper (from pepper grinder)
1/4 cup cold water
1 TBS Corn Starch
4 Eggs

Mix together starch and water set aside. Scramble eggs and set aside. Lightly brown garlic with both oils in soup pot. Add Broth or water and bullion cubes. Add onion, couple twists of pepper, and stir in starch mixture. Bring to Boil. Turn off heat and immediately pour in eggs in a slow steady stream and stir constantly in one direction while pouring and for about a minute. Cover and let sit for about five minutes to ensure eggs are fully cooked. Enjoy! Perfect for a get-well-soup or to compliment an Asian dish. Could definitely add more veggies if you wish.


59. Easy Zucchini Enchaladas

I made some corrections to this recipe so if you tried it before you might want to try it again!

10 - Corn Tortillas
Monterey Jack or Cheddar Cheese - 8oz (shredded)
Zucchini Squash (shredded) - 8oz
16 oz canned or jarred Traditional Red Enchilada Sauce
Olive Oil

Mix 6-oz of cheese with about equal parts zucchini. Reserve 2-oz of cheese. Brush lightly both sides of each tortilla with oil and place on cookie sheet. Put in oven at 300 for about 3-5 minutes to heat and soften. (This keeps tortillas from breaking) Take tortillas out and fill with zucchini mixture - roll and place fold side down lining rolls side by side in 9x9 baking dish. After all rolls are in dish, cover with sauce and top with remaining cheese. Bake at 400 15-20 minutes until cheese is melted and slightly browning.

Serve with spanish rice and refried beans. Yummy!!
If you want to make home-made rice I found a great recipe for spanish rice at Simply Recipes on google search. Pretty simple and very good! My husband couldn't get enough!


58. Tempe Burritos

The pineapple and red pepper really compliment the hot pepper jack cheese. I like this recipe because it tk me about 15 minutes to make!
2 Large whole wheat tortillas
1/2 Red Pepper sliced
1/4 Pineapple diced
Romaine Lettuce Shredded
2-4 slices Pepper Jack Cheese
1 package Tempe Sliced
oil for frying

Fry Tempe with any spices you like - I used Lemon pepper, cumin, coriander, and liquid Braggs and fried with a mix of olive oil and canola oil. Cook tempe on medium heat until browned on each side. Then build your burrito with all the above fillings and enjoy!


57. Vegetable Chili

When I say vegetable, that's what I mean. My tummy doesn't always like beans but I love chili so I made bean-less chili and it tastes great! If you want to add a couple cans of kidney beans it would also taste great and serve more! This recipe made about six servings. With corn bread you have a complete meal!

3 cloves minced Garlic
1 large onion
2 diced Carrots
1 large Sweet Potato
1/2 lb mushrooms diced (small)
1 large Yellow Squash
2 medium Zuccini
1 Red Pepper
2 Green Bell Peppers
4 stalks of Celery
1 Tbs Chili Powder (more to taste)
2 tsp. cumin
1/2 tsp coriander (ground)
2 veggie bullion cubes
1 can Rotel
1 can Fire Roasted Tomatoes (diced)
1 can Italian Style Diced Tomatoes
salt to taste

Dice all vegetables, saute onions until they carmelize, add garlic and lightly brown. Add carrots and sweet potatoes cook down stirring occationally until shiny and fragrant. Add rest of veggies and spices. Stir occationally just to keep from burning. Cook on medium until tender but not soft. Add all canned tomatoes and bullion cubes simmer on low with lid for about 20 minutes or until desired texture. Serve with cilantro, cheddar cheese and sour cream for garnish.


56. Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast

1 cup rolled oats (steel cut optional!)
1 3/4 cup water
1 diced apple
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 Tbs walnut pieces
1 Tbs ground flax
1 Tbs Earth Balance (butter optional)
2 Tbs Maple Syrup

Bring water to boil.  Add oats and apple.  Turn heat to medium and cook for couple minutes. Then add remaining ingredients.  Cook on medium for a couple more minutes until thickened then turn to low.  I like to stir mine occasionally but not frequently at this point.  If you leave the burner on low and stir every couple minutes you can slightly brown the oats.  (Thats my favorite!) You can eat them at any consistency you want.  They are cooked with in the first 5 minutes.  I like my oats thick and mushy so I cook them for a long time.  I put milk at the table so that each person can add it to make it as thin and creamy as they like.  I don't add any to mine.


55. Veggie Burgers

Garden Burgers (frozen)
Hamburger Buns
1-white or yellow Onion
1/2 -Red Pepper sliced
1/2 - Yellow Pepper sliced
1/2 - Green Pepper sliced
Pepper Jack cheese sliced

Grill burgers and veggies, when patties are hot add cheese slices to melt.  Put everything between buns with a little mayo.  Serve with Fries or potato salad.  Patties and veggies can be cooked on stove if you don't want to grill - just use Tbs oil for veggies.


54. Tempe Reuben

rye bread
swiss cheese -sliced
thousand island dressing

First slice tempe in thin horizontal strips.  Then fry in pan with oil until begins to brown on both sides.  Add soy sauce/braggs or worcheshire to flavor tempe, it doesn't need much.  Then let oil drain off by setting tempe on paper towels for a couple minutes.  For each sandwich lightly toast bread and melt cheese on one side.  I use broiler or toaster oven.  On bread w/out cheese spread dressing and top with tempe and sauerkraut add cheese side and enjoy.  The amounts for each ingredient can vary based on preference.  Serve with chips, tomato soup, or potato salad.

53. Polenta Pizza

Buy a refrigerated polenta roll.  Press and roll out flat on cookie sheet. Top with any veggies yo like on your pizza and bake or broil until veggies are done.

My toppings:
goat feta
calamata olives
red peppers

I broil it until veggies are basically roasted!  Yummy!  Serve with salad.

52. Veggie Pot Pie

My friend Krista helped me with this recipe.  Thanks Krista!  Use frozen pie crust to keep it simple.

1/2 yellow onion chopped
3 celery stalks chopped 
two small carrots chopped
3 diced red potatoes
3/4 cup frozen Peas
1 Tbs flour (heaping)
2 garlic cloves -minced
frozen pie crust
can cream of mushroom soup
all- purpose seasoning mix
chili powder
fresh oregano - one sprig (optional)
fresh sage - to your taste (optional)
1 - egg (optional)

Let pie crust sit out and thaw.  Dice and chop veggies.  Sauté veggies starting with garlic, potatoes and onions, add celery and carrots until all veggies are soft.  Add seasoning mix to taste and flour.  Mix to coat veggies and slowly add soup Stir constantly to avoid lumps.  Add any fresh herbs and two pinches of chili powder.  Put mixture into bottom pie shell.  Top with second crust and crimp edges well so that the filling doesn't leak out.  Poke holes in top crust with fork gently to allow steam out. Then baste top crust with beaten egg to just cover.  Bake at 400 or temperature according to pie crust instructions for about thirty minutes, until top crust is golden brown.

Tastes great for leftovers.  Let me know what you think.

51. Veggie Dogs

This week I am staying really busy so tonight is going to be simple.

Veggie Dogs
good whole wheat hot dog buns
condiments that you like

(I like mustard and sauerkraut) 

Frozen sweet potato Fries (follow directions on package)
Frozen mixed veggies (steam or microwave)



50. Roasted Potato Dinner Salad

This recipe serves two. I think it would go well topped with Grilled Tuna if you are in the mod for fish.

2 Tbs + 2 tsp Coarse Ground Mustard (Grey Poupon)
2 Tbs olive oil
2 tsp white wine vinegar
2 tsp honey

8 small red potatoes
4 boiled eggs
Green Olives (your favorite kind)
mixed greens

First, halve potatoes and lightly coat with olive oil, salt, garlic powder, and pepper. Roast potatoes on 400 until easily pierced with fork. (About 15 - 20 minutes.) Boil eggs - peel and quarter. Cut green olives in half if they are large. Toss potatoes, eggs, and olives in dressing and place on bed of mixed greens. Sometimes I add sauteed green beans.


49. Papa Johns Pizza

A few weeks ago the Veggie Mama families joined for dinner around Papa Johns Pineapple Pizza.  Yummy!!!!!! 


48. Tortlini Soup

I had fun putting this together - the concept stirred in my brain for several days.  I think this could be a great appetizer but we enjoyed it for our main coarse.  It is very flavorful.  If you wanted to tone it down you could probably add cream to it.

8 sun dried tomatoes
3 sprigs fresh oregano (take leaves of sprig)
2 Tbs olive oil
14 oz can artichokes
16 oz can garbanzo beans
64 oz veggie broth
1 bag frozen cheese tortellini
1 - 8 oz pack mushrooms - quartered
3 handfuls chopped spinach
2 Tbs jarred pesto sauce
couple dashes red pepper flakes - optional

First: an hour to one day before - place sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil and oregano in small bowl.  Cover with water (just enough to cover!) and let sit to reconstitute tomatoes.  You should also chop the tomatoes before you put them in soup.
In stock pot sauté mushrooms and beans w/ pesto until mushrooms are tender, add artichokes, broth and sun-dried tomato mixture.  Bring to a boil and add pasta.  Cook on medium until pasta is done.  Add spinach and keep on low for 10 minutes.  Serve with garlic bread and salad for a complete meal.


47. Wild Rice Cranberry Salad

This Recipe was given to me a long time ago by a friend (Stephani White), I crave it sometimes!
Serve this as a side dish.
Cook 3/4 cup wild rice plus 1/4 cup brown rice.

Add to cooked rice:
1 cup toasted walnuts
1/4 cup sliced green onions
3/4 cup dried cranberries

4 Tbs. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 Tbs. balsamic Vinegar
2 tsp. dijon mustard
2 cloves minced garlic

Mix dressing well and pour over combined ingredients. Chill for an hour (if possible).

46. Amber's Apple Salad Sandwich

This is my version of a no-chicken chicken salad. Everyone I have served this to has surprisingly loved it. For a lower calorie twist you can use plain yogurt instead of mayo and add indian curry powder for a different flavor. Serve with potato salad and a pickle wedge for a special lunch!

2 diced green apples
2 sliced celery stalks
1 cup halved red grapes
4 Tbs finely chopped onion
1/4 cup sliced almonds
2 Tbs dried tarragon (or more to taste)
3 Tbs Mayo or substitute
salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste

mix together and serve on soft bread or in tortilla wrap