We are two sisters that feed our families almost completely vegetarian. With 5 children aged 2 to 12 years between the two of us, we have had the joy and pain of experimenting. We plan to Blog 365 simple and kid approved meals. Most will be made-from-scratch but we will also share what we do when eating out. It may take more than 365 days to accomplish this but we hope you'll check back often, try our suggestions and give us your feedback.


71. Southwest Omelet and Blackberry Breakfast Dessert

If you don't know how to make an omelet ask a friend. I made this yesterday it was very refreshing.

Inside: feta cheese
spinach (chopped)
seasoned with adobo
On top: avocado slices

Serve for dessert:
small bowl of blackberries with (small) vanilla yogurt scoop and drizzled agave


Quintessential Queen said...

You know I love this site, but it would be awesome if you could figure out a way to make some kind of easy index for where recipes are. I had to look through all your archives to find those amazing pancakes. Indexing is your friend.
Love you!

Amber said...

The best way is to look through the blog archive that is on the right hand side bar. Just click on the arrows and a drop down will appear of all the recipe titles. You can also do a key word search if your looking for something specific (check it out on the upper left hand corner). I am not very savvy with the blogger options, I looked around for something better but this is as far as I got. Hope this helps. Thanks for visiting and trying our recipes out. I am pregnant with my third now so it might be a while before any new posts arrive. My sister stopped posting a while ago, but I am hopeful that she might get the bug again soon!